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January 2017 Favorites

I’ve been a little MIA but January was the month of self discovery and focusing on everything that deals with ME. I was so busy but now I’m back with a whole bunch of favorites! Let’s jump right into it!


I’m not talking about my face but my body! I’m obsessing with this Neutrogena Body Oil that I bought from Ulta. I was so intrigued because I hate the filmy feeling that lotion gives me after a while. Have you ever sweated and then rub your hand on your shoulder or something and your lotion balls up? Or after you shave, you put your lotion on BUT it stings like a mother? This product has been the answer to all my prayers and YES I am aware I sound like I’m part of an infomercial but stick with me people. Basically with the Neutrogena Body Oil you shower like a normal person but before you towel off, you apply the lotion on your body. Then you pat yourself dry and BAM you’re moisturized with no filmy feeling. No stinging after you shave and honestly, its way quicker than rubbing in your lotion for 30 seconds waiting for it all to properly rub in. I’m never ashy afterwards but I do wish it had more sheen. Maybe if I apply it and just air dry. Still my favorite in January.



The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is definitely my favorite eyeshadow palette for the month. I’m obsessed with the smell and the colors. The pigment is amazeballs and I feel like I never run out of looks with this palette. Half the palette is neutral basics and the other half are bold colors so it gives you the opportunity to enhance your look a bit. I’ve done a mean smokey eye with this palette and I’ve done a “natural” look as well. I just feel like this palette is so versatile no matter the month, the season, or person. It’s definitely worth the buy and the time.


This month’s Boxycharm came with  Pur Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer and at first I was turned off by the look of it. I thought it looked too ashy which is something I avoid when contouring. I love a warm bronzy look when I contour because I feel like on me, it looks like I came back from an island vacation. I decided to play with it some more before I threw it in the “pass along” pile and I actually fell in love with it. After I built it up more my Crown Beaute Basics Contour blush brush (I got it in my Ipsy bag), I actually saw that it was a bit warm. I actually use it everyday and always get compliments with how great my cheekbones look.



Burt’s Bees Papaya Guava candle is a staple in my household. I always need one burning every night to calm my nerves. It smells so delicious and for $4.00 at Wal-Mart, it’s inexpensive. I’ve been using this candle since summer 2016 but I haven’t shared it with you guys. While I was thinking about my favorite January home product, I couldn’t think of a better one than this. This candle is the perfect every season candle. I’ve been obsessed for month with this fruity tropical scent. If you notice, I’m all out of this wonderful candle.

Overall Favorite:

My wonderful boyfriend got me a Fuji-film Instax Mini 8 instant camera in White for my birthday (January 17th) and I’ve been obsessed. Film can get pricey when you’re someone who loves to document everything like I do, so I’ve been very selective on which pictures I’d take. Of course my first one was of my son on his fourth birthday (January 22nd). Not only do Polaroids give a vintage vibe in general but the quality of the pictures make it look they were taken in the 90’s. I’ve shared a few of the picture’s I’ve taken and show you how nice the quality is. It’s like an instant filter. There’s also different settings for different occasions as in: indoor, outdoor, cloudy, etc. Can’t get better than this!

Share with me a few of your January favorites. I’m always interested in new products and love to hear other people’s opinion.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter to read my obnoxious rants (I’ve been slacking lately), my Instagram to get a glimpse into my life as mom, woman, and girlfriend, and if you aren’t sick of me already then follow me on Snapchat (irrelephvnt) to witness my horrible shopping addiction and ten seconds of hilarious jokes.

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword”-John Ray



Masks Mondays-January 9th 2017 Edition

What? Is she posting a Mask Monday on an actual Monday? Yes because 2017 has made me a responsible adult. Let’s get straight to the point. I could not get the Farmacy hydrating coconut gel mask to stay in place. It kept sliding off my face for the full 25 minutes. Overall though, I did feel a little bit moisturized after every mask. Will I buy more? Nah, I’m good. I’m on this search for a really amazing mask so excuse me if I keep saying no to all these masks. I’m just not impressed.

That being said, I decided that maybe I needed to try a higher end brand to get more dramatic results. So I work at Ulta and when the store isn’t busy, I like to go through skincare and read the different product labels and find out what they do. I do it for two reasons. One, I’m always looking for new products for myself to try. I have dry skin and blackheads that I’m always looking to treat. Two, I like to know what to suggest to customers when they come in. My store also has a Clinique counter and the girl who runs it happens to be one of my favorite coworkers so she talks to me a lot about skincare and what to look for in products. This month at Ulta is all about skincare. Each day there’s a skincare item on sale for one day. Also, there’s these skin care kits that are worth $62 but are sold for $30 with prestige skin products that cater to different skin types. They’re on sale for $15 and I purchased two because I’m selfish. I got one to get glowy skim and one for flawless skin. I got this weeks mask from the Fresh Start Flawless Skin box but you can buy it separately. 

I always wanted to try Mario Badescu’s skin care products but honestly, for a long time I didn’t see the point I’m spending so much on one product. I wanted to try one of the products because of all the hype about them. Also because I think it’s so dope that they label their products with letters like c, o, s, d. Each letter means that the product is good for combination, oily, sensitive, or dry skin. This past year I’ve seen the difference in investing in make up and sometimes the quality is so worth it. Regardless I wanted at least a sample to try to see how my skin would react to it since everyones skin is different. In my Flawless Skin Kit there was a 0.5 oz sample Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. This mask was labeled with C,D,S which means it’s great for combination, dry, and/or sesnsitive skin. The point of this mask is to hydrate and revitalize your skin which is key during the winter time. It has papaya and grapefruit which apparently (because I had no clue) has natural exfoliants and vitamins that gives that glowy look that everyone should want. 

Okay so the instructions told me to apply a thin layer and leave on for 20 minutes. So after I removed my makeup I took my wet and wild foundation brush, that I specifically save for face masks, and did as instructed. It’s not a thick mask so it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It does have a scent but it’s not strong enough to irritate your eyes like the Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar Mud Mask. This mask does dry quickly so there’s no adding on without smearing off the first layer you already applied which is why there’s a big spot on my forehead that is patchy. I actually kind of forgot I had it on, that’s how comfortable it was to have on. After my 20 minutes, I washed off the mask with warm water and patted my skin dry. Then I put on my moisturizer and when I looked in the mirror I was so shook. 

My skin already felt hydrated after the mask but to see it so glowy made me so shocked. I want to let you guys know that I have been drinking water nonstop since the New Year started and I’m proud of myself but I don’t think that’s why my skin is glows like Jlo. My skin looked pretty good beforehand but the glow was amazing after this mask. I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Tune in next Monday for the FINAL impression. 

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Mask Mondays ?!?!?!

THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER! PRAISE JESUS ITS OVER! I love the holidays but I can’t schedule shit when they’re around. I’m sorry I’m such a failure. Like I have so many blog posts on hold and in my drafts because I was too busy celebrating but here we go!!!

With last weeks mask, the Freeman’s cucumber peeling mask, at first I felt like their was no difference. I had a slight redness after the mask but that was from the tugging on my skin I suppose. After 4 uses, I started to notice a subtle difference in my skin. The tiny random bumps on my skin started to slowly disappear. I still don’t know what they are because they aren’t pimples but they’re was definitely more of them than the ones I still have. I am kind of obsessed with this mask, more for pleasure (because the peel is so satisfying) rather than results. I saw no difference around my nose which is where my blackheads have their meetings.

My new mask that I’ve already used once is the Farmacy  and it’s their hydrating coconut gel mask. I got this one months ago in a BoxyCharm but never used it because honestly, sheet masks freak me out.Just the way everyone looks in them…. you guys look like condoms. Not only is this mask hydrating but it’s also a brightening mask. My skin tone is pretty even so I don’t really need it for that but hydrating is always a plus in my book. Apparently its activated by antizyme-rich purple broccoli extract. I have no clue what that means but according to the back of the box there’s antioxidants that helps protect and firm skin . I’m down for that.

The instructions are pretty simple and is written on each packet (the box came with three) with pictures. You’re suppose to cleanse and tone your skin because this mask will be your moisturizer. The actual mask is in between two pieces of protective mesh. You peel one side, place the mask on your face and then peel the other side. I looked like the greasiest hot dog New York had to offer,I left the mask on, as instructed, for 25 minutes (the max time). I have pro’s and con’s for this mask already. I don’t know if the mask is naturally cold or it’s just cold in my bathroom but this mask was cold to the touch. I actually found it refreshing and a burst of energy I needed for a mid afternoon kick. It was really moist (duh it’s a gel mask) which made me confident in its ability to moisturize my face. After I took off the mask, you’re supposed to rub in the excess product. After doing so, I can honestly say that my face feels so nice and smooth and hydrated. I don’t feel the need to moisturize. The usual dry patches on my face feels so nice and smooth which is all I ask for.

What I didn’t like so much was that there was so much product that certain parts of the masks kept sliding down. I don’t know if my eyes are too big but I just couldn’t get it to fit my eyes properly. The little spot above my lips kept sliding down onto my lip and the mouth part was so wide that I had to lift up the bottom part to get it on to my chin which kept falling. Finally around the bridge of my nose kept lifting whenever I moved my face. Also, when you roll the mask up to throw away, it looks like a used condom. Not really that much of a con but my family almost flipped out when they saw it. I’m going to continue using this (I obviously have two more) and see if I can adjust it to a place where I can comfortably wear this. Until next time!


**PS I WILL get better about posting posts on time.

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Mask mondays? 

I know it’s Wednesday (actually Thursday because I’m posting at 12:03 am but shut up) but with Christmas passing and New Years approaching, time got away from me. Don’t worry I still have my review!

I actually did the Charcoal and Black Sugar mud mask four days in the past week and honestly? I’m not really feeling it. My face felt so clean and nice afterwards BUT I didn’t see any changes in my skin.

I don’t have the worse skin to begin with but lately I’ve been getting these little bumps (not pimples) and some pimples. I was hoping this  I’ll clear some oil in my skin and just overall give me some nice hydrated skin but I still felt dry AF. My skin felt thirsty and my bumps went nowhere even though the body literally says “smooths, purifies, & moisturize”. Also, even though I didn’t put this mask near my eyes, the fragrance from this mask traveled toward my eyes and irritated the shit out of them. I wasn’t really that impressed with this mud mask and I’m sure there’s better ones out there. It is interesting to put on but semi offensive if you get offended easily.


**Not very close to the eyes yet the fragrance stung my eyes.

** New Mask I’ve already used on Monday

My new mask this week is another Freeman mask. I promise next week will be a different brand but I got this with the mud mask as a buy one get one half off promotion at Ulta. The cucumber peel off mask intrigued me because hellooooo it’s a peel off. It’s a clear mask that is supposed to clarify and renew skin. My first impression is that it looks like you’ve rubbed cum all over your face you little skank (just kidding, do as you please….skank).

It definitely reminds me of when you were in school and put Elmer’s glue on your hand then peeled it off when it dried. So yes, it’s so freakin’ satisfying to remove. You do have to kind of roll the edges a bit to get a part to grab but honestly it’s not the worst (view crappy off-center video because I had no where else to place my camera). It kind of pinches when you’re peeling it off but nothing too painful. My skin was a little red after I peeled it off BUT baby smooth. I also liked that you can see the lines on your face on the peel. It makes me feel like it’s definitely in there doing its job. Let’s give it a week before I make my final decision. Let me know if some masks to try next week guys! I always welcome suggestions!



**The bumpy skin I was telling you about and my peeled off reptile skin otherwise known as the peeling mask. Also my face was a little red after the mask but nothing crazy.


Mask Mondays

When you use make up, you have to take care of your skin. You should use make-up that’s healthy for you skin but also wash your face with great products that removes dirt and cleans your pores. I decided to dedicate my Monday’s to face masks. So this is how it’ll go from here on out: I’ll try a new face mask every Monday, I’ll try it every other day until the next Monday and then give you my one week review with a preview of the next face mask. I have a bit of an obsession for face masks and I’m always in the market for a good one.

If you read my previous skin care routine then you’d know that I’ve used the Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar polishing mask and loved it. Since then, I discovered that Freeman’s makes a mud mask version of this one and decided to see if it’s just as good, if not better than the polishing mask. While both extract oils and impurities, the polishing mask also exfoliates your dead skin cells. I always use a toner anyways, which wipes off your dead skin cells as well, so I’m not concerned about that as much.

When I wipe off my make up, I go straight into a mask. I leave the mask on for the maximum amount of time (usually 20 minutes) and then wash/peel it off. Afterwards, I use a cleanser, wipe my face with a cotton round that has toner on it, if I am using a serum, I would go in with that and then moisturize. This mud mask requires me to apply an even layer on my face (avoiding my eyes and mouth) and wait 15-20 minutes until dry to then rinse it off. My first impression after using this is that it’s better than the scrub. The mask already feels slightly more powerful than the scrub. My skin looked glowy and moisturized without having to put moisturizer on yet ( I still did). Also, like most mud masks, I could already see my pores as the mask dried which always clues me in that it’s working. Come back next Monday so I can clue you guys in on this offensive looking mask.


Skincare Routine 

I remember getting a judgmental look (one of a million in my life so far) from a “grown” woman as she said “oh no, you’re one of those girls” as I pulled out my moisturizer from my bag after coming out of Astoria pool at the age of 18. Yes, I am one of those girls with dry skin that only gets drier after coming out of a pool full of chlorinated water. Yes, I’ve cared about my skin from a young age, thanks to my mother of course.  Yes, I have no shame in my skin care game because I know it’s one of the most important organs that I have. I’ve been using moisturizer since I was 14 but only started cleansing and really taking care of my skin at the age of 20. I see so many young girls caking on the make-up and honestly, 12 years old and wearing make-up is young in my opinion (I was wearing lip gloss from the 99 cent store, yup, the one with the flowers IN the tiny bottle), but it’s your life, do you, boo. But please for the sake of your skin, take care of it as much as you take care of your Naked palette. Everyone has different skin (dry, oily, combination, sensitive, acne prone), but there is a routine out there for you, you just have to try a few products. I have dry sensitive skin so this night-time/ day time routine might work for you if you have dry skin. Sorry my oily babies, I promise to have a routine for you after I speak to a few of my friends.


Of course I begin by removing my make-up with a circle cotton pad and my go to make up remover, the Garnier SkinActive Micellar WaterProof Make-up Cleansing Water. Make sure to shake it well before squirting it onto the pad because I’m an idiot and didn’t the first time and I felt like that bag that contained that Philly Cheesesteak in that Fresh Prince of Bel-air episode. This cleansing water removes my most stubborn eye make-up with a good swipe without stinging my eyes or adding crazy pressure. It’s never a struggle and my skin is never irritated.

Three times a week, I work a face mask in, whether it’s a DIY face mask or store-bought. I’ve been using Freeman Feeling Beautiful Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask and holy shit, I love it. It’s inexpensive and you can find it at any pharmacy or Ulta. The Charcoal detox your skin and purifies it which is great for even dry skin BUT don’t leave the mask on for more than ten minutes because charcoal IS known for drying your skin out and I just don’t want to risk it even though the brand says it’s for all skin types. The sugar is obviously a great exfoliator and nobody wants dead skin lying on their face, right? My skin always feels better after rinsing this mask off and I move on to cleansing even more because I’m paranoid.

This past month I’ve been using Kiko Make-Up Milano’s cleansing foam (which I can’t find online, I bought it in store). My face always feels so much cleaner after I use this affordable cleanser and it feels like it can breathe a bit more. I distribute it on my face and rub it with my Kiko Make-Up Milano Natural Konjac sponge. The sponge helps remove all dead cells (this also works with oily skin) and doesn’t need to paired with a cleanser but I like it that way, sue me (I’m broke, you’re not getting much). I immediately feel like my skin is smoother after I use the sponge, especially around my nose where my skin flakes from dryness. In fact, it’s not so dry there anymore so maybe this routine is works (That’s what she said).

It’s said that you have a 20 minute time gap after washing your face thoroughly to moisturize and be sure it’s in your skin, but what do I know, I’m not a scientist. What I do know is that I immediately moisturize after I PAT (never rub) my face dry. The moisturizer I use is the moisturizer my mother introduced to me when I was 16 or 17 and I loved it because it kept my skin hydrated and evened out my skin tone. I stopped using it because my mom wanted me to use something with SPF (I think) and I was a poor fool. I soon discovered that a majority of moisturizers with SPF tends to ball up on my skin and basically lose all power it could have had. BTW, my nose got sun spots that summer so…so much for that. I continued to use it because I was a broke 17-year-old who just used whatever her mom bought her but still sang “Independent Woman part 1” by Destiny’s Child as if it was relatable. I have now found my first love again and don’t think I can go back. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin is now my go to moisturizer that makes my skin feel like it just drank 15 gallons of water.  My dry patches are gone from the side of my nose and above my chin and it’s just so soft ❤ (yea I’m bringing back the sideways hearts). A little goes a long way so this 16 oz. jar is going to last a lifetime and I’m not even mad. It’s a great way to sleep at night.


After my shower in the morning, I brush my teeth and rinse. I splash water on my face (acting like I wasn’t just in the shower) and bam! Back to the same Kiko Cleansing Foam because why stop a good thing. Again, I used the natural sponge to work it into my skin and then rinse. I move on and use an eye cream because no matter how much sleep I get, my eyes are always puffy and have dark circles under them (mom life). I received Clark’s Botanical Anti-Puff Eye Cream in a BoxyCharm and I’ve fell in love. I’ve had nights were I’ve cried and woke up with those extremely puffy eyes that are oh so sexy and I applied this cream. Within 15 minutes, the puffiness was gone and I was able to apply make-up to my eyes perfectly. I was also able to uphold my badass reputation of not giving a shit about anything.

After eye cream I apply moisturizer to the rest of my face. I wake up super early so I need all the energy I can get but super soft skin as well. I use the Kiko Make-Up Milano 24hr moisturizing and energizing cream (which I can’t find on the website anymore. Is it discontinued?!). It’s super creamy and applies well and I only need a little in order to moisturize my face. It does the trick of waking me up a bit more and does work on my dry patches.

Overall, this is the routine that works for me. I still suggest drinking a lot more water throughout the day and trying different products if these don’t work for you. You can have dry sensitive skin and this still might not work for you. If you have any other products you can recommend or want me to try, feel free to comment below and I’ll give it shot and write a review in the future. Just remember, I’m not an expert.