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January 2017 Favorites

I’ve been a little MIA but January was the month of self discovery and focusing on everything that deals with ME. I was so busy but now I’m back with a whole bunch of favorites! Let’s jump right into it!


I’m not talking about my face but my body! I’m obsessing with this Neutrogena Body Oil that I bought from Ulta. I was so intrigued because I hate the filmy feeling that lotion gives me after a while. Have you ever sweated and then rub your hand on your shoulder or something and your lotion balls up? Or after you shave, you put your lotion on BUT it stings like a mother? This product has been the answer to all my prayers and YES I am aware I sound like I’m part of an infomercial but stick with me people. Basically with the Neutrogena Body Oil you shower like a normal person but before you towel off, you apply the lotion on your body. Then you pat yourself dry and BAM you’re moisturized with no filmy feeling. No stinging after you shave and honestly, its way quicker than rubbing in your lotion for 30 seconds waiting for it all to properly rub in. I’m never ashy afterwards but I do wish it had more sheen. Maybe if I apply it and just air dry. Still my favorite in January.



The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is definitely my favorite eyeshadow palette for the month. I’m obsessed with the smell and the colors. The pigment is amazeballs and I feel like I never run out of looks with this palette. Half the palette is neutral basics and the other half are bold colors so it gives you the opportunity to enhance your look a bit. I’ve done a mean smokey eye with this palette and I’ve done a “natural” look as well. I just feel like this palette is so versatile no matter the month, the season, or person. It’s definitely worth the buy and the time.


This month’s Boxycharm came with  Pur Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer and at first I was turned off by the look of it. I thought it looked too ashy which is something I avoid when contouring. I love a warm bronzy look when I contour because I feel like on me, it looks like I came back from an island vacation. I decided to play with it some more before I threw it in the “pass along” pile and I actually fell in love with it. After I built it up more my Crown Beaute Basics Contour blush brush (I got it in my Ipsy bag), I actually saw that it was a bit warm. I actually use it everyday and always get compliments with how great my cheekbones look.



Burt’s Bees Papaya Guava candle is a staple in my household. I always need one burning every night to calm my nerves. It smells so delicious and for $4.00 at Wal-Mart, it’s inexpensive. I’ve been using this candle since summer 2016 but I haven’t shared it with you guys. While I was thinking about my favorite January home product, I couldn’t think of a better one than this. This candle is the perfect every season candle. I’ve been obsessed for month with this fruity tropical scent. If you notice, I’m all out of this wonderful candle.

Overall Favorite:

My wonderful boyfriend got me a Fuji-film Instax Mini 8 instant camera in White for my birthday (January 17th) and I’ve been obsessed. Film can get pricey when you’re someone who loves to document everything like I do, so I’ve been very selective on which pictures I’d take. Of course my first one was of my son on his fourth birthday (January 22nd). Not only do Polaroids give a vintage vibe in general but the quality of the pictures make it look they were taken in the 90’s. I’ve shared a few of the picture’s I’ve taken and show you how nice the quality is. It’s like an instant filter. There’s also different settings for different occasions as in: indoor, outdoor, cloudy, etc. Can’t get better than this!

Share with me a few of your January favorites. I’m always interested in new products and love to hear other people’s opinion.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter to read my obnoxious rants (I’ve been slacking lately), my Instagram to get a glimpse into my life as mom, woman, and girlfriend, and if you aren’t sick of me already then follow me on Snapchat (irrelephvnt) to witness my horrible shopping addiction and ten seconds of hilarious jokes.

“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword”-John Ray



New Years Shopping Haul

So I’m mixing my New Year shopping haul with my TJ Maxx haul because honestly it was just a couple of days apart. I got a gift card from my step father for Christmas and because I haven’t been shopping for MYSELF in months. So I took the opportunity to spoil myself a bit before life gets crazy again.
I went to TJMaxx initially for accessories for work. Wearing all black can get boring but accessories are a great way to spice up an outfit. But when I saw that the accessories alone were almost $20 a piece, I threw that thought out the window. Instead I figured I get a few blouses for work instead. I don’t know about you guys but I just buy shirts I KNOW I like without trying them on. If it’s something in a style I don’t usually wear, then I’d try it on. But since that wasn’t the case on this trip, I just threw it into my bag. I ended up getting the wrong size in one blouse, even though it was in the medium section. The other blouse was more up my alley because it had cut out shoulders which I’m OBSESSED with as a style. When I put it on for work, I hated it because the sleeves were messed up as you can see in the picture. Instead of seeing this as wasted money, I’m just going to donate them. Someone else can probably use them better than I can.

Part of my New Years resolution’s is to plan my day’s better, so I took the opportunity to buy two planners. I bought one to stick into my purse for on the go and one for at home. I’m so obsessed with both of these because of the designs. My travel one is a coral peach with a gold “2017” on the front. It starts with a monthly calendar then moves on to the weekly calendar that has a larger section to write more in depth.My at home calendar has a marble print cover with gold lettering that spells out “two thousand seventeen”. This calendar follows the same layout as the travel one BUT it also has several pages in the back for notes. I love notes pages because sometimes I have plans that don’t have a certain date to them so I use these pages to keep them in mind when I’m working on my weekly or monthly schedule. The travel planner didn’t have a price sticker on it so I don’t remember the price but I’m sure it was nothing over $6.00. My at home planner was originally $12.00 but it was sold for $7.99. I honestly recommend everyone to get a planner because even if you feel like your life is in shambles, at least it’s organized shambles.

Of course I couldn’t leave TJMaxx without getting a bunch of mugs I DON’T need but very much wanted. Don’t judge me. It was bought with a gift card so it doesn’t count. I got a mug for my best friend because I saw it and it screamed her. I don’t know the price anymore because it was a gift and I ripped off the tag….I think. I knew she’d want this mug for her job so I had no problem getting it for her. It’s a pretty big mug that say’s “Hi. I’m a mermaid” in gold and turquoise lettering. Once you’re in the mug section, you can’t get out. I had to get a few for myself. I got a white mug with gold accents and a giant S in the middle. In case you didn’t know, my name is Stephany and it’s impossible to find things that spell my name the way I spell it OR I just never find a “s”. I save this mug for days I feel like being a true adult because it makes me feel classy and mature. Originally this mug was sold by the company Ciroa for $6.00 but I bought it for $3.99. Then I laid eyes on this little cute giraffe mug. I’ve been obsessed with giraffes since I was three years old and its an un-dying love that will never end. I love animal mugs because they’re so freaking cute but this giraffe captured my heart because he (yes I gave it a gender) looks so sassy. His facial expression is the best thing I’ve seen on a mug and I can’t help but feel emotionally attached to this mug. He’s originally $10.00 but I bought him for $5.99 and my soul. The last mug I got was this bright yellow mug that says in plain text “hello sunshine” in white. A few people called me sunshine growing up but they were my favorite people so that nickname means the world to me. I always liked to be someones sunshine on a cloudy day so I took that title very seriously. Even though this mug is plain, I love the little sun symbol inside the mug that appears after I finish my tea.

New Year’s day I had planned to sleep but then had this sudden burst of energy and HAD to go shopping for myself. My boyfriend and I went to Sky view mall in College Point, NY and I was gravitated straight for food. But unfortunately they didn’t have a food court (the blasphemy) and I starved while shopping. I walked to Forever 21 and went straight to accessories since I wanted to build up my collection again AND needed some for my all black work outfits. I immediately picked up this silver statement piece that had a bunch of layers and tear drop pieces. It’s a bit heavy but perfect for my all black outfits. I love it with a turtle neck or a faux turtle neck top or dress. It’s perfect in the sense that you don’t need anything else to accessorize your outfit with. It’s also sold online as their Floral Statement Necklace and I got it for the same price, $14.90. My next accessory was this faux gold (because I like to switch) and it has these coins and purple beading. I love it because while it is simple, it does have enough detail to it to make a statement. This necklace was $7.90 and worth every penny. My next piece of jewelry was on clearance because the chain was “broken” but in reality it could easy be fixed. I bought this simple piece for $1.90. Have I take the time out to fix it? Nope. But it will be fixed dammit!

My favorite color in the world is Olive Green. I can’t live without it. I love it in every aspect possible. So of course I would buy two items of clothing in Olive green and fall in love with them. I bought a pair of French Terry sweats for $12.00 because I don’t really have sweats. I’ve always been a tights kind of girl if I’m looking for comfort at home but going to gym, I prefer tights to work out in and sweats for at home comfort. I picked out this pair that has a drop crotch that I’m not really comfortable with. I have a very small butt and I feel like drop crotches on girl sweats just emphasizes that and makes me awkwardly walk. So I looked online and realized these are one of those sweatpants that are to be worn fashionably with heels. I can’t pull of that look. 1. because I don’t want to. 2. I’m not THAT fashionably creative. What has this world come to that I can’t innocently buy regular sweatpants?


Moving on to my favorite purchase! I’ve wanted a button down skirt for so long and since they were sold out of this burnt orange corduroy one in my size, I was so excited to see a faux suede one in my size AND OLIVE GREEN! I love this skirt, I an envision my life with this skirt. I can wear this casually with some Chuck’s or dress it up with thigh high boots. I bought this skirt for $14.90  but of course I had to look up and find this taupe color bodysuit in front of me. This bodysuit was a fitness goal purchase. Typically I hate body suits on my because it emphasizes every little roll and indent. But I loved this one so much that I decided to make it a fitness goal purchase. A fitness goal purchase is an article of clothing that you buy to motivate yourself to lose the weight you desire and just to push you more. This is the only article of clothing that I have associated with my fitness goal because I don’t want to over do it. I love the cut of this suit and I definitely hope to wear it this summer.

Finally my last purchase from forever 21 is one that I use everyday. I always make one last round of the store when I THINK I’m done shopping just to see if I missed something and boy did I! A couple of days before my shopping trip, my mother bought a suede jacket from TJMaxx in this camel brown color and I fell in love with it. I wanted one for myself but instead I just contemplated on how I can steal it. But I found the sister jacket in Forever 21 for just $25.00 in black. I seriously wear this jacket everyday. Surprisingly it’s been good to me this winter as far as keeping me warm. This jacket also came in grey and brown. By the way, is the color “grey” or “gray”? I like it with an “e” rather than the other way.

My last purchase of the day was at the Adidas store and I was obsessed. I haven’t bought new sneakers since 2015 (I think) and because I’ve been planning to be more active this year I figured it was overdue for a new pair. But then I saw a sign that said “extra 50% off red tag items” and just knew that I was leaving with two pairs. Both of these sneakers have cloud foam and are beyond comfortable. One pair I’ve been wearing a lot for the gym or just to walk around the neighborhood with is the Adidas Durama Women’s. I actually got these in an 8.5 even though I’m usually a 9 but the fit without being too small. These are super comfortable for working out and the mesh fabric makes them so breathable which helps when you’re at the gym. These weren’t red tagged but was discounted at $54.99 and are black and white. The other pair I got was red tagged and I bought them for $24.99. I’ve worn this once but because they are all white I decided to save it for the spring time. These are called the Adidas Neo Cloudfoam Xpressions for women and holy fuck the cushion on these babies. They have this tempurpedic cushion that gives you amazing arch support. I love them so much and they’re my greatest purchase. Definitely a must have. New Years was definitely done right and I’m glad I spoiled myself a little bit.

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New Year 2017

Being a true New Yorker, I’ve never seen the ball drop in person. I’ve refused to stand in the cold and not have anywhere to pee all night. But this year I’m dedicating to do new things and step out of my comfort zone. So guess what I did this year?!! Nope, still didn’t go see the ball drop because I am doing new things but I don’t have a death wish either. I did go near by to 43rd street and 10th ave to a bar called “Mr. Biggs”(hello sex and the city fans). Now the original plan for New Years eve was to be with family and ring in the New Year with them. But everyone kind of made their own plans and broke off into groups. Going into the city by public transportation was actually not bad at all. It took us 45  minutes to get from Corona, Queens to Times Square on the 7 Train which is pretty good timing on New Years eve. My boyfriend and I spent the night with my best friend Jayson and his boyfriend Johnny. We drank, laughed at Mariah Carey (among other things), talk shit and danced. While they were looking for a second venue, I already decided that I wanted to go home with my man because 1. I was already drunk. 2. I was tired. 3. He was looking oh so fine… if you know what I mean.

I’ve been having all types of body issues lately that I was sure I didn’t want anything tight to wear on New Years. I shopped on Fashion Nova the other day and ordered this hoodie dress that was olive green with these bleach stains on it. I paired those with my Lola Shoetique olive-green knee-highs and called it a day. My hair was done that very day at my job where my hair girl, Monique, straightened my hair with steam infusion. Instead of taking a heat damaging flat iron to my hair, she used an iron that releases steam to straighten hair. My hair is super silky straight without being more damaged. It’s 11 days later and my hair hasn’t needed to be touched up with a flat iron. 

On actual New Years Day, I intended to just sleep all day but there was this urge to shop. So yes, a New Year’s Day haul will be coming soon, maybe later. That night we were invited out to a strip club in queens to hang out, drink and smoke hookah. I had an amazing time with my boyfriend, my best friend Yvette and her boyfriend. We tried to make a cute going out snap but our boyfriends ruined it with their pussy talk. 

But with New Years Day, comes New Years Resolutions. I have a bunch for this year and so far, so good. Here’s a few:

  1. Have more ME time. I’m constantly caring for everyone else but myself.
  2. Be consistent with my blog posts 
  3. Budget my finances 
  4. Start my YouTube channel 
  5. Plan my days accurately
  6. Start a dream journal 
  7. Get in touch with my spiritual side 
  8.  Paint more stress less
  9. Go the gym consistently AGAIN
  10. Take classes. Any classes I want. Just fuckin do it 

Those are just a few of my resolutions but so far so good. I have been back at the gym, my blog posts have been going up (not on time yet), and I have been taking steps on my spiritual adventure. Honestly, these are all things I kept saying “I think I’m going to start…..” but never did. That’s a silent resolution. Start actually doing the things I want to do with no excuses. What are some of your New Years resolutions? 
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