I’m a 25 year old mom in New York who likes to narrate her life in her head like she’s Carrie from “Sex in the City”. Except, I’m brunette(that time in the movie where she dyed her hair doesn’t count), I’m not incredibly skinny, I don’t spend hundreds on each pair of shoes (but possibly in a collective of shoes), and I’m a lot more vulgar. I don’t know everything in the world but I like to act like I do. I am a professional Know-It-All. Everyone has their right to an opinion even if it differs from mine. But I also have the right to tell you that your opinion is stupid.

Spare time: I paint, bake, cook. draw, sculpt, nag, whine, drink wine, inhale wine, find ways to incorporate wine into my food so I can eat wine, piss out wine, raise a 4 year old boy with autism, rant about everything in the world, gossip, look up unnecessary shit, dream about what I could have if I was rich, cry because I’m not rich, obsess over every part of my body, say I have to work out, Netflix binge watch instead, eat Ridges sour cream and onion chips, and talk shit about everyone with my female friends. You know, the regular stuff. Feel free to follow or contact me on any social media listed below:

Instagram: KarmicSunflower

Twitter: Karmicsunflower

Email: KarmicSunflower17@gmail.com

Snapchat: irrelephvnt

*btw I have the worst grammar

**Everything I write about, I have to mention, I’m not an expert

***I have nothing else to add, I’m just excited you’re reading this.

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