New Year 2017

Being a true New Yorker, I’ve never seen the ball drop in person. I’ve refused to stand in the cold and not have anywhere to pee all night. But this year I’m dedicating to do new things and step out of my comfort zone. So guess what I did this year?!! Nope, still didn’t go see the ball drop because I am doing new things but I don’t have a death wish either. I did go near by to 43rd street and 10th ave to a bar called “Mr. Biggs”(hello sex and the city fans). Now the original plan for New Years eve was to be with family and ring in the New Year with them. But everyone kind of made their own plans and broke off into groups. Going into the city by public transportation was actually not bad at all. It took us 45  minutes to get from Corona, Queens to Times Square on the 7 Train which is pretty good timing on New Years eve. My boyfriend and I spent the night with my best friend Jayson and his boyfriend Johnny. We drank, laughed at Mariah Carey (among other things), talk shit and danced. While they were looking for a second venue, I already decided that I wanted to go home with my man because 1. I was already drunk. 2. I was tired. 3. He was looking oh so fine… if you know what I mean.

I’ve been having all types of body issues lately that I was sure I didn’t want anything tight to wear on New Years. I shopped on Fashion Nova the other day and ordered this hoodie dress that was olive green with these bleach stains on it. I paired those with my Lola Shoetique olive-green knee-highs and called it a day. My hair was done that very day at my job where my hair girl, Monique, straightened my hair with steam infusion. Instead of taking a heat damaging flat iron to my hair, she used an iron that releases steam to straighten hair. My hair is super silky straight without being more damaged. It’s 11 days later and my hair hasn’t needed to be touched up with a flat iron. 

On actual New Years Day, I intended to just sleep all day but there was this urge to shop. So yes, a New Year’s Day haul will be coming soon, maybe later. That night we were invited out to a strip club in queens to hang out, drink and smoke hookah. I had an amazing time with my boyfriend, my best friend Yvette and her boyfriend. We tried to make a cute going out snap but our boyfriends ruined it with their pussy talk. 

But with New Years Day, comes New Years Resolutions. I have a bunch for this year and so far, so good. Here’s a few:

  1. Have more ME time. I’m constantly caring for everyone else but myself.
  2. Be consistent with my blog posts 
  3. Budget my finances 
  4. Start my YouTube channel 
  5. Plan my days accurately
  6. Start a dream journal 
  7. Get in touch with my spiritual side 
  8.  Paint more stress less
  9. Go the gym consistently AGAIN
  10. Take classes. Any classes I want. Just fuckin do it 

Those are just a few of my resolutions but so far so good. I have been back at the gym, my blog posts have been going up (not on time yet), and I have been taking steps on my spiritual adventure. Honestly, these are all things I kept saying “I think I’m going to start…..” but never did. That’s a silent resolution. Start actually doing the things I want to do with no excuses. What are some of your New Years resolutions? 
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