Mask Mondays ?!?!?!

THE HOLIDAYS ARE OVER! PRAISE JESUS ITS OVER! I love the holidays but I can’t schedule shit when they’re around. I’m sorry I’m such a failure. Like I have so many blog posts on hold and in my drafts because I was too busy celebrating but here we go!!!

With last weeks mask, the Freeman’s cucumber peeling mask, at first I felt like their was no difference. I had a slight redness after the mask but that was from the tugging on my skin I suppose. After 4 uses, I started to notice a subtle difference in my skin. The tiny random bumps on my skin started to slowly disappear. I still don’t know what they are because they aren’t pimples but they’re was definitely more of them than the ones I still have. I am kind of obsessed with this mask, more for pleasure (because the peel is so satisfying) rather than results. I saw no difference around my nose which is where my blackheads have their meetings.

My new mask that I’ve already used once is the Farmacy  and it’s their hydrating coconut gel mask. I got this one months ago in a BoxyCharm but never used it because honestly, sheet masks freak me out.Just the way everyone looks in them…. you guys look like condoms. Not only is this mask hydrating but it’s also a brightening mask. My skin tone is pretty even so I don’t really need it for that but hydrating is always a plus in my book. Apparently its activated by antizyme-rich purple broccoli extract. I have no clue what that means but according to the back of the box there’s antioxidants that helps protect and firm skin . I’m down for that.

The instructions are pretty simple and is written on each packet (the box came with three) with pictures. You’re suppose to cleanse and tone your skin because this mask will be your moisturizer. The actual mask is in between two pieces of protective mesh. You peel one side, place the mask on your face and then peel the other side. I looked like the greasiest hot dog New York had to offer,I left the mask on, as instructed, for 25 minutes (the max time). I have pro’s and con’s for this mask already. I don’t know if the mask is naturally cold or it’s just cold in my bathroom but this mask was cold to the touch. I actually found it refreshing and a burst of energy I needed for a mid afternoon kick. It was really moist (duh it’s a gel mask) which made me confident in its ability to moisturize my face. After I took off the mask, you’re supposed to rub in the excess product. After doing so, I can honestly say that my face feels so nice and smooth and hydrated. I don’t feel the need to moisturize. The usual dry patches on my face feels so nice and smooth which is all I ask for.

What I didn’t like so much was that there was so much product that certain parts of the masks kept sliding down. I don’t know if my eyes are too big but I just couldn’t get it to fit my eyes properly. The little spot above my lips kept sliding down onto my lip and the mouth part was so wide that I had to lift up the bottom part to get it on to my chin which kept falling. Finally around the bridge of my nose kept lifting whenever I moved my face. Also, when you roll the mask up to throw away, it looks like a used condom. Not really that much of a con but my family almost flipped out when they saw it. I’m going to continue using this (I obviously have two more) and see if I can adjust it to a place where I can comfortably wear this. Until next time!


**PS I WILL get better about posting posts on time.

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