Mask mondays? 

I know it’s Wednesday (actually Thursday because I’m posting at 12:03 am but shut up) but with Christmas passing and New Years approaching, time got away from me. Don’t worry I still have my review!

I actually did the Charcoal and Black Sugar mud mask four days in the past week and honestly? I’m not really feeling it. My face felt so clean and nice afterwards BUT I didn’t see any changes in my skin.

I don’t have the worse skin to begin with but lately I’ve been getting these little bumps (not pimples) and some pimples. I was hoping this  I’ll clear some oil in my skin and just overall give me some nice hydrated skin but I still felt dry AF. My skin felt thirsty and my bumps went nowhere even though the body literally says “smooths, purifies, & moisturize”. Also, even though I didn’t put this mask near my eyes, the fragrance from this mask traveled toward my eyes and irritated the shit out of them. I wasn’t really that impressed with this mud mask and I’m sure there’s better ones out there. It is interesting to put on but semi offensive if you get offended easily.


**Not very close to the eyes yet the fragrance stung my eyes.

** New Mask I’ve already used on Monday

My new mask this week is another Freeman mask. I promise next week will be a different brand but I got this with the mud mask as a buy one get one half off promotion at Ulta. The cucumber peel off mask intrigued me because hellooooo it’s a peel off. It’s a clear mask that is supposed to clarify and renew skin. My first impression is that it looks like you’ve rubbed cum all over your face you little skank (just kidding, do as you please….skank).

It definitely reminds me of when you were in school and put Elmer’s glue on your hand then peeled it off when it dried. So yes, it’s so freakin’ satisfying to remove. You do have to kind of roll the edges a bit to get a part to grab but honestly it’s not the worst (view crappy off-center video because I had no where else to place my camera). It kind of pinches when you’re peeling it off but nothing too painful. My skin was a little red after I peeled it off BUT baby smooth. I also liked that you can see the lines on your face on the peel. It makes me feel like it’s definitely in there doing its job. Let’s give it a week before I make my final decision. Let me know if some masks to try next week guys! I always welcome suggestions!



**The bumpy skin I was telling you about and my peeled off reptile skin otherwise known as the peeling mask. Also my face was a little red after the mask but nothing crazy.

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