Mask mondays? 

I know it’s Wednesday (actually Thursday because I’m posting at 12:03 am but shut up) but with Christmas passing and New Years approaching, time got away from me. Don’t worry I still have my review!

I actually did the Charcoal and Black Sugar mud mask four days in the past week and honestly? I’m not really feeling it. My face felt so clean and nice afterwards BUT I didn’t see any changes in my skin.

I don’t have the worse skin to begin with but lately I’ve been getting these little bumps (not pimples) and some pimples. I was hoping this  I’ll clear some oil in my skin and just overall give me some nice hydrated skin but I still felt dry AF. My skin felt thirsty and my bumps went nowhere even though the body literally says “smooths, purifies, & moisturize”. Also, even though I didn’t put this mask near my eyes, the fragrance from this mask traveled toward my eyes and irritated the shit out of them. I wasn’t really that impressed with this mud mask and I’m sure there’s better ones out there. It is interesting to put on but semi offensive if you get offended easily.


**Not very close to the eyes yet the fragrance stung my eyes.

** New Mask I’ve already used on Monday

My new mask this week is another Freeman mask. I promise next week will be a different brand but I got this with the mud mask as a buy one get one half off promotion at Ulta. The cucumber peel off mask intrigued me because hellooooo it’s a peel off. It’s a clear mask that is supposed to clarify and renew skin. My first impression is that it looks like you’ve rubbed cum all over your face you little skank (just kidding, do as you please….skank).

It definitely reminds me of when you were in school and put Elmer’s glue on your hand then peeled it off when it dried. So yes, it’s so freakin’ satisfying to remove. You do have to kind of roll the edges a bit to get a part to grab but honestly it’s not the worst (view crappy off-center video because I had no where else to place my camera). It kind of pinches when you’re peeling it off but nothing too painful. My skin was a little red after I peeled it off BUT baby smooth. I also liked that you can see the lines on your face on the peel. It makes me feel like it’s definitely in there doing its job. Let’s give it a week before I make my final decision. Let me know if some masks to try next week guys! I always welcome suggestions!



**The bumpy skin I was telling you about and my peeled off reptile skin otherwise known as the peeling mask. Also my face was a little red after the mask but nothing crazy.

Time Out

It takes a village

I wish I took the advice of others when Ayden was first diagnosed. People told me to look for mommy groups and to bond with others who are in the same situation. But I took his diagnoses logically. I kept thinking “okay he’s been diagnosed. Now what’s the next step?” I then proceeded to follow every step, attend every meeting, and schedule every appointment. Until one day, I burst into tears because my child was crying. He was as crying because he  wanted something but I couldn’t guess what. He kept shrieking and pointing but nothing I was picking up was what he wanted. I cried because my own flesh and blood couldn’t talk to me and tell me how to help him. Of course he stopped crying, but my god, once that faucet opened for me, I became an emotional wreck.

I began to lose hope in everything. Nothing was ever going to get better. People kept telling me “God blessed you with this child because children like this need strong mothers.” I say mothers because 1. That’s what they said and 2. that’s the word that pertains to this specific situations. I just wanted to clarify because there are some amazing fathers and single fathers in this community that do just as much as a mother does and I don’t want anyone to be offended. Anyways, I kept repeating, to no one in particular “but I’ve been through enough! When will enough be enough?” I let my depression get the best of me and just wallowed in my bed. I did what was necessary but never anything that was optional. I cooked and cleaned and cared for my child but never tried to exceed past that. I was in this black hole and shut out everyone. To me, no one could possibly understand me.

I remember getting exasperated because yet another service coordinator of mine was leaving on maternity leave and didn’t do their job efficiently so while Ayden was supposed to start school awkwardly in January of 2016, when he turned three (and aged out of early intervention), he was stuck with at home therapy. I HATED our ABA therapist at this point. At first she was very helpful but after a while, I saw her true colors. She was the only therapist who thought that my son was mentally retarded. While every other therapist and teacher said they see so much intelligence out of him everyday, she wanted him to wear a helmet and to diagnose him as mentally retarded with ADD. If he was actually those that things, then fine but if you ever met my son, you’d know it’s not true. I didn’t want to renew my contract with her, so we went without aba for a month. We transitioned into a center based program.

Touring All About Kids was a defining moment for me. While I still felt judging eyes on me, I had this gut feeling (and you know I always follow it), that things will change here for the better. At the center, you must attend with your child and wait for two hours until their sessions are over. Ayden also started to take speech therapy over there so some days we were there for several hours. AJ was so distracted by all the toys, he didn’t even notice that I was gone. But this isn’t about his progression/regression. This is about the village I found.

You always hear “it takes a village to raise a child” and usually you hear it from family. Well my family was (and even when they say other wise, is) in denial of Ayden’s diagnoses. In a Hispanic/Latino household, you’d only hear “but he’s just a baby, give him time or even better “your uncle didn’t talk until he was five.” Just because he didn’t talk until he was five doesn’t mean it’s okay. I never felt the amount of support from my family that I needed as a single mother of a special needs child. I was always told “if you need a break, let me know and I’ll watch him” but the offer hardly ever followed through. I accepted the fact that Ayden was MY child and MY responsibility a long thing ago, before his diagnosis. I didn’t want anyone’s help nor did I need it. I always made it work, but my mental health said otherwise.

I bought so much material to read on my first day without needing it because the mothers of the 9:30 am group were so welcoming to me. I began to find the village. Now, it wasn’t like they were babysitting or helping buy clothes. I was in charge of that 24/7 without a problem. They helped ME. They assured me that everything isn’t so bad as long as you have those who do understand how bad it is. There were mothers who were crying because their child didn’t eat or because their child didn’t touch certain things because of the feel of it. We all had our own mountain to climb. It was good to see other people go through the same problem as I was and realize, it could be worse. I was reading a blog post from Squeeze the Spaceman’s Taco on one of my darkest days. This post literally made my days brighter because it was all about “some people have it worse.” Now, I’m not happy people have these problems or conditions. Never. But I am glad that my child is getting the attention he deserves. He’s getting the help he needs, he’s clothed, fed, and most of all happy.

I think we all seem to forget what we have in front of us. We make such high goals that we forget the little goals that we have accomplished because they aren’t acknowledged as much as getting a house or car. A lot of people say “well these are things you’re supposed to do” but fail to realize that there are people who are horrible “parents”, starving their children on purpose or keeping all child support for themselves rather than their child. No one is SUPPOSED to do anything but rather WANT to do something. I want to be a great parent so I feed my child, play with my child, educate my child, dress my child. That’s what we call Love and yes, a lot of people take advantage of love. I see what I do for my child and autism or not, we truly are blessed and I am proud of my hard work. Whether you have a child with a disability or not, never forget to pat yourself on the back for doing the laundry or getting groceries, or reading them a bedtime story. Who knows, maybe those will be the memories that they’ll cherish. Those nights doing laundry with mom, grocery shopping with dad, the bed time stories with their parents. Everyday your child smiles, you’ve accomplished something. You’ll know you’ve found your village when those people applaude your “tiny” accomplishments.


Mask Mondays

When you use make up, you have to take care of your skin. You should use make-up that’s healthy for you skin but also wash your face with great products that removes dirt and cleans your pores. I decided to dedicate my Monday’s to face masks. So this is how it’ll go from here on out: I’ll try a new face mask every Monday, I’ll try it every other day until the next Monday and then give you my one week review with a preview of the next face mask. I have a bit of an obsession for face masks and I’m always in the market for a good one.

If you read my previous skin care routine then you’d know that I’ve used the Freeman’s Charcoal and Black Sugar polishing mask and loved it. Since then, I discovered that Freeman’s makes a mud mask version of this one and decided to see if it’s just as good, if not better than the polishing mask. While both extract oils and impurities, the polishing mask also exfoliates your dead skin cells. I always use a toner anyways, which wipes off your dead skin cells as well, so I’m not concerned about that as much.

When I wipe off my make up, I go straight into a mask. I leave the mask on for the maximum amount of time (usually 20 minutes) and then wash/peel it off. Afterwards, I use a cleanser, wipe my face with a cotton round that has toner on it, if I am using a serum, I would go in with that and then moisturize. This mud mask requires me to apply an even layer on my face (avoiding my eyes and mouth) and wait 15-20 minutes until dry to then rinse it off. My first impression after using this is that it’s better than the scrub. The mask already feels slightly more powerful than the scrub. My skin looked glowy and moisturized without having to put moisturizer on yet ( I still did). Also, like most mud masks, I could already see my pores as the mask dried which always clues me in that it’s working. Come back next Monday so I can clue you guys in on this offensive looking mask.

Interior Cravings

Mini homegoods haul

I hardly go to HomeGoods because I always have to buy something so I try to stay away from temptation. It’s extremely hard when I work two doors down from a HomeGoods and some of my clients work there. Always telling me to come in, HA! Not today, Satan! If you don’t know, let me give you the privilege of knowledge. HomeGoods is in the name. It’s a store that sells home goods. Everything a home needs as decor, it’s there. Pillows, and art and lamps oh my! My house is made out of HomeGoods products. It’s all designer things sold at low prices. It’s the Marshalls or TJMaxx home section but giant. Which makes sense because they’re all from the same company. The one things about HomeGoods is that you can’t put something back on the shelf and say you’ll get it later. It’ll be gone later because someone else with taste bought it. It’s the devastating truth. Leaving with one or two things is always a win for me. Like this stuff:

I was in desperate need of a new picture frame because I only had one that contained a picture of my son. I wanted one for a picture of my boyfriend and I. HomeGoods has a whole aisle (both sides) dedicated to beautiful picture frames in all different shapes and sizes (my regular HomeGoods that is). They have intricate ones and simple ones for pictures of all sizes. I fell in love with this rectangular thick gold frame that has a chevron pattern all around it because of the texture of it. This frame was originally designed by Sheffield Homes and retailed at $10.00 but bought for $6.99. Not the biggest savings but savings none the less.

I’ve recently become obsessed with candles. I don’t feel like my room has been completely cleaned until a candle has been lit and the room smells like some tropical island or fruit. My favorite candle being the Burt’s Bees Papaya Guava. So I would just buy a candle and light it but when you have an (almost) four years old, you can light a candle without them blowing it out. So I started buying these candle domes? I know they’re called candle holders but I always think of candlesticks and then Friends when Rachel and Monica keep packing and unpacking and then I get distracted and don’t do anything because I’m binge watching my favorite show ever. ANYWAYS!! I already had a candle dome from Target that I bought during the summer but this one is so winter theme. I love the wooden bottom and the carved out snowflake and the winter baby in me is so satisfied. I cannot for the life of me remember the original or sold price. I do know that I paid less than ten dollars. SO WIN!

This mini Christmas tree was a gem that I found that my mother and I fell in love with. Our original goal when we made our way to HomeGoods was to get some Christmas decor to place on the random tables in our house. Our routine is to go up and down each aisle and when we go through all the aisles once, we go through it again but separately so we can focus. I found this beauty in one of the aisles we already passed but I guess we over looked it. I grabbed it and went out in this crazy HomeGoods world looking for my mother. When I presented her this cute medium-sized tree, she fell in love with it. There was a few chipped parts but I like character so I was fine with it. We actually encountered a woman on our way to the checkout who had a similar one in her cart but the leaves (I guess) were more scalloped while ours were pointed. She gave it that look like she wanted it but I don’t play games when it comes to my purchases. Again, I don’t remember the original price but we paid $40 for this gorgeous tree that is now sitting on our radiator cover in our dining room.

My mom actually came back from her solo mission with a “believe” sign. After I finished singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop believing” I began to think of ideas to make the sign more Christmas-ey. I didn’t care for it because it looked so bland so be prepared for an upcoming DIY post possibly this week or next week. I’ve learned from my past posts to not make a deadline. The picture of the “love” sign is just to give you a comparison of the gold the “believe” sign had before.I think we paid $15.00 for this sign. I promise next time I will keep a record of the items original prices so we can have a comparison.
Last minute items my mom bought while we were leaving the store was this vase with fake water and flowers that we’re saving for spring time decorations (yes we plan ahead and change by seasons) and these cute little golden trees. They were the cutest things I saw and only cost $12 I believe (seriously I wish I had the prices.The flowers in a vase cost my mother (because I refused to have any part in this basic purchase)$45.00 which was on clearance apparently. This plant is apparently from the brand NDI which specializes in silk flower arrangements (didn’t even know this was a thing), faux greenery, trees and even faux produce. I do not know what these fruits and vegetables are made of but they can cost $200 or more. Our yellow kinda orange rose arrangement originally (we kept the sticker on) costs $186.00 but HomeGoods was selling it for $129.99. I guess because the season changed and it was still there, my mother got it for $45.00. Still wouldn’t have bought it but it’s her money. Also, can’t show you guys a picture because guess what! It’s out of season so my mother immediately put it in storage. Ah Nuts!



Now, I can NEVER EVER go to HomeGoods without two things happening. I lose my mother ALWAYS which makes me scream out “MAAAAAAA” after twenty minutes of looking for her. But the other thing that always happens is that I ALWAYS buy a new mug because I’m a weirdo. I have over ten mugs that are specifically mine in this household, all from HomeGoods with exception of two. One is my Deadpool mug from Hot Topic and my custom-made “I’m not a princess, I’m a Khalessi” mug. This specific mug is a pretty round mug that says “undercover Unicorn” which is basically a description of myself. It’s one of my new favorite mugs and Holds so much tea (12 ounces without overflowing). My Khalessis’ mug was also bought with a mug for my boyfriend that says “I’m not a Prince, I’m a Khal“. We like cute shit like that soooooo obviously I had to buy these adorable wine glasses. My boyfriend isn’t a wine drinker like I am, but he still sits next to me with a glass of Coca-Cola and pretends he’s drinking. These two stemless goblets by Fifth Avenue Crystal were originally $10.00 but I paid $6.00.The Unicorn mug, which was made by a brand called “Clay Art” retails at $6.00 but I paid $3.99. Ahhh, so much savings.

Anytime I leave HomeGoods with something, I can say it was a good day. I’m known to be very picky with my shopping and honestly if it wasn’t for my job, I wouldn’t have as much make up as I have today. I save so much with my discount that I just take the money with me to HomeGoods because I KNOW at least I’d leave there with a mug. I’m not an interior design expert but I am a HomeGoods expert. At least I think so.


November favorites

Nine days into December and I’m just now posting my November favorites. I’m judging myself, for you. Now during the month of November I did go a little crazy with spending and I did get a few gratis from work. By the way, it kills me to call it gratis but say it like GRA-TIS  rather than with a Spanish accent. If you work in the beauty world or just watch YouTube videos who used to work on beauty retail, then you know what I’m talking about. But either way, free or not, I’m going to have an opinion about certain things and I picked out my five favorites of the month for you guys.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mario Palette

Let me tell you guys! While working, I’ve passed by this palette a million times and always sent it a yearning look because of ONE color. The color Bronx in this palette has gotten my panties wet on numerous occasions. It’s this perfect olive-green in the pan. I was SO beyond upset when I applied and it was more of a deeper forest green. But then, spraying my brush with setting spray brought me back to that gorgeous olive green that had me in love. Obviously I played with all the colors and became obsessed with all of them one by one. Bronx, 5th Ave, and Paris are my top three favorites BUT I use Isabel as a transition color to every look whether I’m using this palette or not. I would sell my soul for an unlimited amount of this color. I used this palette everyday for two weeks and always got compliments on the colors without fail. They’re just great pigment and super blendable. OBSESSED.

2. Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation

All my life, I’ve been living a lie. I had a bunch of cool toned foundations thinking that they looked fine. I’VE BEEN LIVING A LIE. Turns out, I don’t have a pink undertone. In fact I’m a yellow undertone soldier. A Tarte Representative actually taught me the trick to finding out your undertone or a clients undertone. Look at your veins on your wrist. If they’re green, you have a yellow undertone and if they’re blue, you have a pink undertone. But the most reliable way is to check the center of your chest (not between your boobs, ladies) and see the tone that’s there. It’s also really good to check your true foundation color there AND your jawline. After all this self discovery, I was matched to my color and went on my merry way. If you have dry skin like I do, then you’d know the struggle of foundation sitting on your skin or flaking around your nose. This foundation blends into your skin like a dream and helps you look hydrated all day. It’s such a moosey foundation and it’s so easy to find a match because the boxes have a little description with the undertone of each color.Your skin looks like butter, in the best way possible and compliments are always given.

3. Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sell Out

This was my first Too Faced purchase ever. No doubt, it won’t be my last. I’m very careful with liquid lipsticks to not get anything way too drying because my lips are always dry. So in order to wear a liquid lipstick, I have to do a lip scrub beforehand and/or scrub my lip with a spare toothbrush to get rid of the dead skin faster. I bought this color after I applied it on a client (who hated it). I, on the other hand, loved it because it’s a pinky brown with a peach undertone and I couldn’t ignore it. I bought it, telling myself “you need it for that wedding you’re going to” but in reality, I do what I want. I wore it to the wedding and fell in love with the feeling of this lipstick. The matte finish isn’t drying and it feels velvet to the touch. Personally, it’s one of my favorite formulas.

4. L’oreal Algae Mask

I jumped up when I saw that L’oreal was making clay masks. I got up and bought two of them but fell in love with the red algae mask specifically. My skin is always the softest it could possibly be after this treatment. I always do this mask, cleanse, tone, and then moisturize about three times a week. When my son is in school and I don’t have work, this is my go to mask. Leaving this mask for 15 minutes just helps my skin so much by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. It also unclogs and minimizes my pores and tightens my skin which I’m always looking for even though I’m young. I never want to sag so might as well prevent it now. I’d pay full price for this but sometimes, L’oreal does the BOGO 50% off and honestly I’d take advantage of that instead.

5. It Cosmetics Flawless Blush Brush

*theres blush on this brush obviously because I love it!

I was never a blush girl. I think I’ve seen too many old ladies with bright pink blush on their cheeks. But I’ve noticed that I don’t like my contour without blush in between so I decided to just learn to apply blush properly after finding a color I actually liked. The IT Cosmetics brushes are the softest brushes I’ve ever touched. IT Cosmetics brushes are made with anti-microbial hairs that are individually custom cut. They never shed and pick up so much product that sometimes it’s scary when applying product. Definitely have to be careful about that. The Flawless Blush brush is specifically cut and shaped to fit your cheek so you can just pat it on your cheek and sweep. I think the greatest thing about this brush is that it’s part of the Love Beauty Fully collection. When you buy a brush from IT’s Love Beauty Fully collection, another brush is donated to the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation. This Foundation is all about women empowerment and helps women with cancer feel better by teaching them how to apply make up. I’m a firm believer in  when you look better you feel better. Personally, make up has helped me during my depression when I’ve felt my worse. I would feel useless or just horrible about myself and doing make up just makes me feel a thousand times better. Of course it isn’t a cure but it does help me climb out of the darkest hole. Chemo has a lot of side effects internally and physically. Look Good, Feel better gives patients the opportunity to feel better about these physical side effects and I’m totally down for that.

These are my favorites just for the month of November. It’s already a week into December and I already have five new products that I feel like will be my December favorites. I can’t wait to share those with you guys! These are MY favorites based off of MY opinions. I’m no expert.