Beauty, Time Out

Halloween 2016

Halloween really brings out my creativity which brought me back to my writing. I loved this Halloween for TWO reasons. One, my boyfriend was with me to go Trick-or-treating with me and my son. Two, he was totally down for a family costume which I was beyond excited about. We thought of a few ideas but in all honesty, we waited until last-minute to shop for costumes and we couldn’t do what we originally planned. I ended up ordering our costumes a week before Halloween which was so nerve wrecking. To make matters worse, the cheap face make-up I bought from Family Dollar was more of a greasy moisturizer. There was no pigment whatsoever. What a waste of $5. But I don’t give up so I present to you, Mr and Mrs. Frankenstein’s Monster and baby Frankie.

BTW I really hate this picture, I swear I’m not that ugly, just in an ugly stance and in an annoyed mood. Frankenstein monster, Baby Frankie, The bride of Frankenstein.

I ended up doing my boyfriend’s make up with eye shadows, eyeliner, and my knowledge of the art world. I primed his face with Milani Prime Perfection face primer and then just started coating his face with Ofra Cosmetics Oil Control Pressed Powder. I used my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge and just applied it as a base for all the color, to give the green shadow some real pigment when I start to apply it. I used this because when I wore it for the first time I saw that it left this white cast over my face and wasn’t really translucent so why not use it for Halloween since I wouldn’t use it for any other day.

Now this may not be the best thing in the world but I did use this Victoria Secret Make Up Book and Victoria Secret discontinued make up in 2014. BUT did he die? No. I used these two green shadows to cover his face and then used my Studio Make Up On-the-GO palette  to use the black shadow to outline the contours of his face. Specifically his cheek bones, his temples, his nose. I took the black and applied it under his eyebrows to give him a more sunken eye look. I applied some Hikari Black eyeliner to his lower lash line and smudged it out. I drew on some lines with my Tarte lights, camera, lashes precision longwear liquid liner in black. I wanted a bit of blood so I took my Kylie Lipkit in Leo and my lip pencil and drew some lines of blood next to the “stitches”. Finally I made one big horizontal line through it all and set his face with my NYX Dewy setting spray.

If you guys want a step by step pictorial of my boyfriends make up or mine, please let me know and I’d be glad to do so. Trust me, I love this stuff. I was watching old Desi Perkin’s videos and she mentioned that Halloween really got her to concentrate on her love of make up and always brings out her creativity. Instantly I realized that Halloween is what brought my creativity back. I haven’t written a blog post in forever because I’ve just been in this rut but decorating for Halloween and just working on costume makeup, I realized that I need to push harder with things I love and just do it. Stop being so whiney and just do. It’s not always easy but it is possible for me. Anyways, that’s all I have with you guys. Here are our pictures from Halloween and PLEASE feel free to share your Halloween looks with me! I love seeing everyone’s creativity so just post them!

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