Vent Cycle

Dear America

I’m exhausted. I’m already an over-thinker by nature but last night, even though I didn’t know the final results, I did the math and just knew (thanks a lot Pennsylvania), that Hillary lost. I was never #WithHer but I knew I couldn’t choose a third-party because every vote counted and sadly I decided to pick two of the lesser evils. I was Bernie all the way for such a long time. I’m still a Bernie supporter and I want to just yell.

Dear America,

I’m yelling at the Latino Hillary supporters. I know that a lot of them were our parents. Our parents whose spent their lives raising us and telling us to not give up. That to achieve something you have to work hard. But do you know what happened when I told them to vote Bernie when it was time to choose between him and Hillary? “He’s not going to win so what’s the point?” How do you know if you don’t TRY? I mean, it’d probably still would have been rigged but still, how would you know if you DON’T TRY?

Now moving on to the rest of America who failed me and our future generations. I’m sick. Sick to my fucking stomach that Donald Trump will be  our president. The only question I have is, how? How was Trump an option? How stupid can you be? How can this man even qualify?

Dear America,

How am I going to explain to my future children that THAT IS NOT LOCKER ROOM TALK when this man is our president? I heard men say “I’m not trying to say what he said was right but if you heard the shit that was said in….” Guess what? You’re just as bad. I grew up with a majority of male friends. I’ve heard them speak about what they did during sex with no censor or what they would do with someone if they had the chance. I’ve never heard them talk about doing something to a girl without her consent. Never heard them speak about sexually abusing a woman. If I did then that would make them SCUM. In no way is it okay to just “grab them by the pussy.” This man said he would fuck his own daughter and America thinks that’s okay?! To think we can raise a generation of intelligent, well-mannered, leaders of America when this is the man you chose as our leader, America? I was sexually abused when I was younger and I live with it. You know what hurts more than that? The fact that the man who did it, sees that it’s not that big of a deal in America. That he acts like it never happened and it’s not significant. Thank you.

Dear America,

How am I supposed to tell my child that this man who kicked out a child with Cerebral Palsy during a rally that he cares about people with disabilities? I stay up until 1 am (because I couldn’t keep my eyes open) looking at the voting results and then at my son thinking “he doesn’t give not one fuck about you.” My son has Autism and for all I know the Trump, who has shown no care for anything but a fucking wall this whole campaign, will cut funds that help my child progress. This man who openly mocked imitating a Times reporter who happened to have Arthrogryposis is supposed to give a fuck about my child or any child with disabilities and are already struggling in the world? How am I supposed to tell my son that this man thinks that everyone with a disability is a joke? Thanks a ton, America.

Dear America,

What do I tell my future children when this man is delivering speeches about minorities and how we are lazy and useless? How do I tell my children that yes there is racism in the world but one of those narrow-minded individuals was allowed to help RUN OUR FUCKING COUNTRY? That our skin tone isn’t white enough. How am I supposed to tell my children that their skin is beautiful, to be proud of our culture and embrace everything we are as people to only have the President of the (so-called) United States diminish us as people and look down on us? “Yes we had our first Black President and while we still had racism, their was still a difference being made by showing that minority had power.” she said. “Okay mommy, and after Obama, who was president.” “Oh no sweetie, we ignore that portion” she said. “Is that we don’t live in America now?” the children asked. How am I supposed to raise my children knowing this man hates immigrants and minorities even though his wife is an immigrant herself? Thanks Merica’.

Dear America,

We faced so much this year. One thing that effected me so much was the Orlando Pulse tragedy. Even though I knew no one there, I cried for days. My heart broke for the families. My heart broke for Florida. My heart broke for America as a country because we were suffering. I LOVE LOVE. No matter who as long as you’re not related in any way. This man who has been married THREE times can make an opinion on marriage when obviously he treats them like his companies? When one fails, just start another one? This rapist is allowed to say his marriages are valid but not those of people who actually know what it is to fight for love? THANK YOU AMERICA BUT ESPECIALLY THANK YOU FLORIDA YOU FUCKTARD STATE.

Dear America,

I was never really patriotic. I mourned for our country when we were attacked by enemies or by our own. Did I ever feel this love for America? No. I always had pride in New York. I’d brag that I was a born and raised New Yorker. I’m so happy I can still brag because we were one of the few states that Hillary won. But I can’t stress enough that I am NOT proud of America. A special fuck you to Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan. Thanks.

Dear America,

Everyone has their right to vote and everyone has their right to their opinion (for now). BUT I have the right to tell you that your vote for trump and your opinion that Trump will make America “great again” is by far the most dumbest thing known to man. Thanks America for fucking us over.


A pissed off Latina Mother of an almost Four Year old with Autism.

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