BoxyCharm vs. Ipsy April Edition

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I’m a procrastinator. It’s something I’m very good at. I figure by now, in this generation, I can possibly make it one of my skills and put it on my resume. But let’s forget that I didn’t post last Friday because I have my reason for lack of posting and that’s another post that I am working on. Right now let’s focus on my BoxyCharm and Ipsy bag of the month, shall we?

Welcome to our monthly BoxyCharm vs. Ipsy challenge. I can say monthly because this is my second post like this (I know! I’m getting places!). I want to say that Ipsy HAS been disappointing me lately on the products and I almost cancelled but who am I kidding, I love make up products big and small. Size does not matter (regarding to make up that is). If you are unfamiliar with these subscription packages I should clarify the differences. A monthly BoxyCharm box comes with four to five FULL-SIZE products from different cosmetic companies that vary different price ranges for just $21 a month. A monthly Ipsy package supplies five beauty SAMPLES including a cute make up bag to hold these products for $10 a month. I love BoxyCharms full size items because it helps build my ever growing make up collection. I love Ipsy’s sample products as well because if I love the items, it’s the perfect size to travel with even if it’s just a weekend getaway. Without further explanation, let’s get into my opinions.

April’s Ipsy bag!  (Besides the make-up bag of the month)

I was super excited to receive a Tarte product since they are considered a bit more on the high end side. If you don’t know me, then you don’t understand that I have a fixation with lip products. I have multiple lipsticks/lip glosses/lip balms/ liquid lipsticks in different colors and shades from different brands. This lip crème is my first Tarte product though. As most lip crème’s are, this is very smooth and hydrating. The application is easy and smooth with no tugging and it’s very pigmented so one swipe will suffice. There is a transfer (I was wiping my boyfriend’s mouth throughout the day because in no way can he be prettier than I am) so I was reapplying throughout the day. My lips did feel a bit tingly as if there is some mint in the formula which is associated with healing dry lips so that I appreciate since I have dry lips always. The color Wonder (Poppy) is such a pretty berry pink and perfect for spring.

I’ve been seeing a lot of YouTube beauty gurus use nude liner for their waterline opposed to white like they used to. So when I got the Skinn Cosmetics Bright Eyes Eye Enhancing Eyeliner (think it’s for your eyes?) I was excited because now I didn’t have to go out and buy a nude liner. Does it work? Does it make you look more awake and your eyes brighter? It’s not a miracle worker people, you still need concealer but my eyes do look a bit wider (not like I needed them to) and I do look a bit more awake. It’s pigmented enough where it works but not enough to make you look like you’re following a tutorial for the first time and have no clue what you’re doing.

Packaging wise, I thought this was a metallic liquid lipstick at first glance. I mean since I saw Kylie Jenner release them (I was Heir soooooo bad) I figured we’re getting a glimpse at another company also do it. You know April is Coachella month so I figured it would be the thing to give this month. Nope, Starlooks cream eye shadow is definitely for your eyes and I actually love it. I was a bit nervous using a liquid eye shadow for the first time because I didn’t want to put so much that they get past my eyelash barrier and blind me for life. But the formula is so good and isn’t liquidy (that should a legitimate adjective by now) and works like a charm. It didn’t past my nap test (where I basically just take a nap for two hours) and did come off a bit towards the inner corner of my eye. Other eye shadows do blend easily with it and on top of it. I love the rose gold color and can use this for everyday looks and going out looks no problem. It dries within a minute or two so no sticky eyelids. I’ve gotten Starlooks eyeliner before and LOVED it so I’m not surprised with the brand having another product that I want to buy.

Crown C427 Duo fiber Blush Brush is probably a brush I can live without. While it is soft and smooth, I found that I could barely pick up product with it. I tried with my mellow blush in bronze and found nothing on my cheeks. I even tried my baked elf blush and even wet, wasn’t able to get any pigment on my cheeks. Maybe I’ll have to play around with different products with this brush, maybe it’s just the blushes I use but for now, I can live without it.

Morrocan oil Treatment from the Morrocanoil’s company is nothing new to me. In fact I bought this product last month after reading an article about it clearing this woman’s Keratosis Pilaris, which I’ve been dealing with since middle school. So for the sake of this month’s Ipsy bag, I used it on my hair as a mask. I left it in my hair for maybe 15 minutes before I washed it out since I was straightening it. I recently died my ends purple so I’ve been super paranoid of my hair drying out and this honestly turned my hair around. My ends are always the driest part of my hair so I was shocked to see if so shiny and it looked a lot healthier when straightened. I also used the smallest amount as an anti-frizz serum on a rainy day and by the grace of god, my usually frizzy hair was tamed (until I took a nap but I was pushing it anyways). You don’t have to use a lot of the product in the first place so a sample size will hold me down for a couple months.

April’s BoxyCharm!

Ofra is a brand I’ve been meaning to buy from for such a long time. I was SUPER excited when the BoxyCharm released the sneak peek on Instagram. Pasadena is a lovely dark dusty rose color that glides on beautifully. The formula is great and it smells like vanilla! It dries completely matte but I did get a little transfer every once in a while. I have a bad habit of rubbing my lips together so I did have to reapply throughout the day but I’m sure it’s actually long lasting to others. I’m not very impressed with this product honestly. Maybe Kylie Jenner spoiled me with her lip kits. Oh fuck, what if I’m tainted and will hate every other liquid lipsticks?

I’m not a big hand cream person. When I pack up my purse, I bring a pocket notebook, two pens, a lip product, a compact, my keys, charger, headphone, camera, and a travel perfume. Hand cream is never on my mind and my hands aren’t usually dry. With these cosmetics subscriptions I’ve actually built up quite the collection of hand creams and I’m not even mad. I’ve started to pack one in my purse every day and love that my hands are smoother. I love it when I want my nails to look EXTRA good. The Manhattan Beach Butter Hand Cream has a great musky salty beach smell. I’m obsessed with the smell but my only problem is, when I try to squeeze some out, so little comes out. I feel like I have to squeeze extra hard to get a significant amount and even then it squeezes out toward the side and not straight into your hand. Would I buy it? No, probably not.

I don’t know how many times I have to mention it, BUT I have no problem saying it again. Lip products of any kind are my favorite products to receive ever. The Purlisse Daily Lip Nourisher definitely helped my chapped lips heal in the matter of two days and it’s all thanks to the Jojoba oil that’s included in it. I have such dry lips because I don’t like drinking water because I’m a rebel and I rather have soda or lemonade. With this product, a little goes a long way so this tiny tube will definitely last a while. You definitely smell the hint of mango seed butter which contains vitamins A, C, and E. Mango is my favorite fruit so I’m definitely happy with that. The instructions say I can use this under a lipstick or gloss for a smoother application (check) and a color boost (same pigmentation). With a matte lipstick, obviously it turns it into a satin finish instead but sometimes I’m looking for that look so fuck it.

Okay so I was binge watching KathleenLights YouTube videos and I saw one for a mascara routine that helps keep her lashes curled and voluminous. I’m Dominican and Ecuadorian which means I have long lashes but super straight that won’t stay curled. She mentions using an eyelash primer before using mascara and I was like “what the fuck is eyelash primer? Never heard of it.” I completely forgot to look into it and then by the acts of the make-up gods, they blessed me. Of course most primer applies clear, Blinc eyelash primer applies in black. For the sake of my blog I decided to experiment with primer and try it two different ways. First I tried my Blinc eyelash primer with my Blinc Mascara Amplified to see if it’s a brand thing. I already love my Blinc Mascara because it’s tubing mascara so it slides off my eyelashes instead of giving me raccoon eyes.  Kathleen’s routine is simple really. You curl your lashes, put on your primer, coat with mascara, wait until it fully dries (I usually do my face makeup then), curl again and add an extra mascara coat. I did that to my left eye and I definitely saw results compared to my right eye that didn’t have any primer. My eyelash looks a bit thicker and has more volume with this process but it’s subtle. I notice it because I look at my face every day. Plus side, my eyelashes stayed curled all day long which was ultimately my goal. The second experiment was to try it with mascara that wasn’t the same brand and I was disappointed to see no difference between the two eyes. The eye with the primer looks the same as the eye with JUST the Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Express mascara on it but luckily I love my Blinc mascara. I guess I’ll have to buy eyelash primer and let you guys know on another blog post.

Blinc mascara

(L) no primer (R) primer

Maybelline Rocket Volum’ Mascara


(L) no primer (R) with primer
 Finally, Your Minerals Eye Glimmer in the shade Brown Hypnotic is better applied with glitter glue (I used ELF glitter glue). It’s a very shimmery bronze that would go great with plenty of summer looks. You can use it without glitter glue for a soft subtle bronze but if you want full pigmentation, glitter glue is the way to go. I find it works great as center lid color and I pair it with my The Balm Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner in my waterline to make my boring brown eyes pop. I’m actually very interested in seeing the other Your Minerals eye glimmers and eye shadows to see if they’re all as blendable as this glimmer. There is fall out so you might be glittery throughout the day and look like a fairy but I think I’m okay with that.


(T) with glitter glue (B) without glue
Final score:

Ipsy- 4

BoxyCharm- 3

The winner is Ipsy this month; they really stepped up their game on their products. Even though they are sample size, sometimes it the quality that’s important rather than the quantity. The overall price of the Ipsy package can’t be determined because some sample size items can’t be found online, just their full size version. The Boxycharm overall cost is $106.90 and all you pay is $21. I ultimately was disappointed with my BoxyCharm this month and would have appreciated better products but maybe someone else was completely satisfied. It can’t always be about me but hey, I’m no expert.
** from now on, I will be snapchatting my product previews when I receive them before I write my reviews the following week. So follow me: irrelephvnt 


Kylie Lipkit review!

I was beyond excited when these babies came in my mailbox. I’ve wanted to test Kylie LipKit’s since they first came out to figure out the answer to the ultimate questions. Is the hype in the product or the name? Of course I couldn’t just get one though, so I tested my luck and tried to purchase 4, my first time. I succeeded because mama didn’t raise no failure (thank god!!) and put them through the test this week. I received them Monday and didn’t try one on immediately (which is completely unlike my impatient self) because my lips were horribly dry. Instead I took my best friend’s, Aylen, recommendation and tried a lip scrub to smooth and moisturize my lips. While there are millions of lip scrubs you can try, this is the one I used this week:

  • 2 TSP of ground coffee
  • 1 TSP of organic coconut oil
  • 1 TSP of honey

The next day my lips were smooth and ready to try these kits.

First I tried the color Posie K which I was so excited to try because everyone (including Kylie) was saying it was the perfect pink. I struggled so much with the very first step, which was to apply the lip liner that is included. The reason I struggled is because my lips are apparently the perfect pink. My lips were the exact same shade as the lip liner so I had to hope that I got it on at all. But I guess that just mean my lips are the perfect pink where the liner is concerned. Next was applying the liquid lipstick. First, fluffy applicator, so amazing to me! It’s fluffy and holds so much product that it reminds me of the lip glosses I used to beg my mom to get me at the 99 cent store when I was younger that smelled like candy.  Second, the formula is so creamy and pigmented. You only really need one swipe of lipstick, maybe two for those pesky corners. The color is such a beautiful pink mauvy tone which I’m so out of my comfort zone with but worked so well with. I prefers dark-colored lipsticks to match my dark humor and sassy attitude but I am in love with how this pink looks. It is several shades darker than my natural lip color thanks to the mauve undertones so no perfect pink lips credit to me (I’ll live).


Posie K

On Wednesday, I tried Mary Jo K which is to say a lot because while I do love my DARK red lipsticks, I don’t typically go for bright red lipsticks. I don’t have the whitest teeth so red lipstick tends to make my teeth look yellow BUT Mary Jo K didn’t have that effect on me. In fact, this shade made my teeth look so bright and white. The color is such a beautiful classic red that I feel like would complement any skin tone (if you’re darker than I am, please send me your pictures wearing Mary Jo K!).


Mary Jo K

After having a bold lip the day before, I decided to tone it down on Thursday and try Candy K.  The shade is such a nice nude with pink undertones. I am absolutely in love with it and want to wear it every day of the week. I think every girl should have at least one nice nude lipstick in her make up collection. But finding a good nude for your skin tone can be the toughest thing. A majority of nude tone lipsticks make me look like I ate a whole row of powdered donuts or I’m having crack withdrawals. There’s also the whole debate of “should I go for a brown undertone or a pink undertone”. Make up is beyond complicated but from what I’ve seen on Instagram and on my very own lips, this shade is perfect.


Candy K

Today, I decided to save the “best” for last. I tried Kourt K today which is the color I was BEYOND excited for.  When I saw the first swatch for this deep dark plum color I knew I HAD to have it because of my increasing dark lipstick collection. I woke up this morning with a pep in my step to try this color, sat down at the vanity and did a significant wing liner to go with this look. Then I swiped the color on my lip and fell in love. But if anything my past relationships have taught me it’s that love can be temporary AF. Kourt K and I lasted 1 second because the next swipe started our demise. I’m so used to swiping a wand across my lips (pause) and going back and forth with lip gloss. So out of habit I swiped back where the wand came from and the lip color immediately became patchy. Some parts were lighter than the other and some parts darker. I didn’t have time to redo it so I just fixed and finished as much as I could and went with the rest of my morning. Around 1pm I ate a sandwich from Panera bread that was on a bun that contained some olive oil. My lipstick immediately began to wipe off but that is expected when you eat something with oil because again, oil removes make up (i.e. olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) I was home so it wasn’t a big deal but when I went to reapply it again, it was even more patchy and now, flaky. So I removed it all and reapplied Kourt K all over again. This time I kept in mind my swiping motion and got an even better application that I can wear to Sephora and not look like it’s my first time putting on my mommy’s lipstick. Was I in love again? Nope because I just did not like the wear of Kourt K. Where the others were smooth and appealing, this one just crackled for me. I’m not a fan. But I’m going to try playing around with a bit more and give you an update.


Kourt K

Aside from the colors, the feel is great! I’ve tried many liquid lipsticks that make my lip feel so dry and crunchy. They would feel like any hydration on my lips that I had, was sucked out with a vacuum. Kylie’s lip kits has a velvety feel to them where I would rub my lips together and feel smooth soft lips opposed to dry chapped lips. In fact, whenever I remove the lip kit with my Garnier Miceller Cleansing water, my lips were still smooth with not a dry patch in sight. Can we stop and talk about the scent? OMG, it’s a vanilla cupcake scent that always makes me smile like the fat girl I am. Lastly, how long do these colors last? I want to say the average was 11 hours before I felt the need to reapply. Of course it was mainly because I ate something that had oil on it (the sierra turkey sandwich is my favorite from Panera Bread and it has an oily bread) and again, oil is a natural make up remover. A lot of people are complaining of the $29 price and saying that it is overpriced but for a quality lip liner and liquid lipstick, the price isn’t outrageous. Now if I can get a “free shipping when you buy two” promotion from them, that’ll be great. For a good liquid lipstick you’re already paying a good $20 or more and about $6 for a quality liner so I didn’t see the big deal with paying $29 each.  Overall I’m happy with my products and honestly I’m going to buy more (even the matte metallic that she just released) to complete my collection. Again, I’m not expert but I have a hell of an opinion.