NYX Lip Products

Originally I wanted to do a brand review, but then noticed I only have NYX lip products because I’m on a hunt for inexpensive but good quality liquid lipsticks. I was severely let down. I do have other inexpensive liquid lipsticks but that for another review. I recently went to Ulta with my boyfriends sister who happens to be my best friend from sixth grade to my senior year of high school but that’s another story….

Anyways while on a thirty minute wait at Outback, she suggested we go to Ulta and I was like “Fuck yea, let’s go.” We left the guy folk with the babies and went straight to it, already discussing what we’re looking for. Btw if you guys know a good black liquid lipstick for cheap, let me know. Anyway, on that trip I picked up a few things including a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Budapest. I would have bought more shades but the majority of NYX products were sold out. When I woke up the next morning I shot out of bed(which is rare) and ran to my make up stash because I remembered I bought a Soft Matte Lip Cream online from Ulta a few weeks ago but I forgot what shade. I usually go for the dark berry shade so I was fucking petrified that I bought the same shade (which wouldn’t be the first time). Luckily I didn’t, this other shade is called Copenhagen. Which was several shades darker. Lucky me because I would have to have given my mother yet another lipstick. I hate doing returns so I save the trouble and just give it to my mom and she thinks I was thinking about her and decided to buy her something. Obviously she still has hope for me being loving and charitable. Poor woman.

In my earlier Ulta haul I also purchased NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in Satin Ribbon and NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Life’s A Beach. Also, from my Ipsy this month, I got a NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Soft-Spoken. Each product is soooooo beyond different from each other with different pros and cons. So I’m just going to jump right into them with separate reviews for each.

NYX lip review

NYX Lingerie- I’m going to admit, I might need to buy another color to try it out again BUT my opinion so far is that I wasted about $8 on a color that makes me look like a crackhead looking for more to smoke. It makes me look like a porn star at the end of her shift before she wipes her mouth. This nude is just not working for my skin tone. I’m not terribly fair but I’m not tan either, I’m somewhere in between. It looks so nice as a swatch but horrible on my lips, I had to apply like four layers just so the patchiness would disappear, But there was no transfer. It did dry matte but not as uncomfortable, my lips are being sucked of all its youth, matte. Again, I’ll update when I buy a new color that doesn’t make people give me knowing looks.

NYX Liquid Suede- I already did a review for this on my Ipsy vs. BoxyCharm post but I have another color to compare if the formula is the same or whatever. Can I tell you guys how much I’ve come to love the shade Soft Spoken? I love it as an everyday lip color, something I can just smear on and only REALLY worry about it after I eat.Now, Life’s a Beach is more of a what I like to call, a “fiesta” color. Its super bright (the picture doesn’t do it any justice) coral pink that’s perfect for that pop of color on a toned down outfit or if a sun dress has little spots of coral pink. It’s definitely not an everyday color but is perfect for spring or summer time. Regardless of the shade, NYX Liquid Suede has a satin finish, keeps your lips moisturized, with a smooth application. There is a transfer when you eat or drink something but I found that I only had to reapply after I ate or just after a couple of hours. If you know me, I eat every couple of hours so it doesn’t matter.

NYX Soft Matte Lip cream – I waited about ten minutes before my lips went completely matter. Its not super drying where I’m feel like I need water twenty times throughout the day. While not as pigmented as I would like, it’s super moisturizing and such pretty colors. Budapest is such a dark berry color which is perfect for fall and winter time. Or if you’re like me and love dark colors as everyday lipstick, then all year round. Copenhagen is such a deep red wine color that I love for when I’m just having a bad day and will have the ultimate bitch face all day. Dark shades are very intimidating and there’s nothing I love more than looking like I can fuck someone up. There’s barely a transfer, if any, when I kiss my hand like a thirteen year old trying to practice kissing. I do find that I need two coats to find a darker shade and even then it still seems to be on the light side.

Overall, I think the soft matte lip cream worked the most as a liquid lipstick and long lasting. In second place would have to be Liquid Suede and just for the sake of having a third place, there’s Lingerie. I would definitely wear my liquid suedes and lip creams as an everyday lip wear. At least they don’t make me uncomfortable to look my boyfriend in the eye when I wear them *cough cough* Satin Ribbon. But I’m no expert.


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