BoxyCharm vs. Ipsy

I love make-up subscriptions more than chipotle. If you know me, then you know that’s a lot of love. Once a month fee that is so much less than the overall price for ALL the products you receive? GIMMIE. I am a current subscriber to Ipsy and BoxyCharm. I love it because it’s like ordering from Sephora or Ulta and getting freebies in the mail! My Ipsy subscription is an ongoing gift from my brother for Christmas and BoxyCharm is an ongoing gift from me because I’m a narcissist and I love myself. Ipsy is $10 a month and you receive five sample products in a make-up that is customized in your favor. When you sign up for Ipsy, you take a quiz on your skin type and personal make-up style.

BoxyCharm is a bit more expensive at $21 but you receive four to five FULL size products. With BoxyCharm, everyone gets the same thing, give or take an item. I’ve decided to make this my first blog post because I received both packages a day apart and I love a good competition. I decided to make this a monthly blog post: Ipsy vs. BoxyCharm. I’ll basically reveal what was in each package each month and give my first impressions of the products. At the end, I’ll let you guys know which box has the best products for the month, in my opinion of course. Let’s start with Ipsy.

Ipsy released three different bags this month opposed to their usual one same bag to every customer. This month’s make-up bags are all the same design (roses) but in different colors. One in blue with orange roses, one in a mint green with orange roses, and the infamous orange but with mint green roses. I received the mint one and I’m in lovvvvveee with it. Here’s a list of sample sized products I received this month:

March ipsy

So far, I like the eye cream but in reality it’s only been a couple of days and I really never can tell the difference, like ever. I’m just happy to have eye cream. Like, Hi super dry skin here, anything that moisturizes any part of my face is a win to me.

I was born with jet black felt tip eyeliner in my hand and the power of the flick of the wrist. According to my friends, besides my sassy hair flips, my potty mouth, and my healthy sex appetite, I am known for my eyeliner. Now, I do have my bad days, but it’s just based on my attitude. I’m always on the lookout on new eyeliner and this beauty has blessed my life. Its glides on beautifully, super pigmented, and it takes every makeup removal tip I know to take it off because make up wipes just don’t cut it. I’m proud of you Skone.

Ipsy, what have I done to you? Why must you cheat me? I review everything on the app and this is how you repay me? By sending me a nail buffer? Who wants a nail buffer? Certainly not me, the girl with acrylic nails and a biweekly appointment at the nail salon. How can I avoid ever letting this happen to me again? It’s not even one side nail buffer and one side nail file. What is this life I am living?

Oh NYX how I love thou. This Liquid Lipstick glides on like a moisturizing cream across your lips and dries matte. I just bought one in a different shade which ended up being too bright for my liking but the shade soft spoken is so gorgeous. It has one of those strange tip applicators which makes it 20x easier to apply. I applied it pretty well; it took a bit of time to dry matte but like five to ten minutes, not too long. It does transfer onto cups and straws. I did have to reapply a bit after I ate but still not a big deal. I’d probably buy a few more of them in the next couple of weeks.

Mellow Cosmetics, we have never met before but that’s the beauty of subscription boxes, we are introduced to new products. Now I wish I received a brighter color instead of bronze because that’s exactly what I’ll be using it as, a bronzer on my cold winter days when I’m paler than a white Floridians ass. I can say though that while swatching it on my arm, it felt so soft. Softer than Chandler’s member when Monica was sick and was trying to seduce him.


I tried to use some as blush today and apparently put too much on my brush. It was super pigmented, good for a simple pat on the cheekbone.  I did not know that so I looked like I was horribly embarrassed until I blended it out. Love the formula with its smooth application and the color is actually very flattering.

mellow blush

Moving on to the six products from BoxyCharm that graced my doorstep this week that is worth $153.00. Keep in mind, everyone’s BoxyCharm has different varieties to them but a majority is the same. (also I don’t include the Chella eyebrow pencil because I didn’t notice it was missing, I have it not though).

boxycharm march.JPG

The Makeup Geek eyeshadows are life! I have found the meaning of life in a tiny pan of eye shadow. Shimma Shimma is the perfect champagne pink. It’s pigmented and goes on smoothly. There’s a bit of fall out but nothing crazy frustrating. You can use it on a dry brush or wet, meaning you sprayed some setting spray on your brush and tapped into the eye shadow. It’s gorgeous either way. The color Frappe is the perfect neutral brown crease color to me. I used both eye shadows the other day and damn, do they complement each other. Again you can use it wet or dry but for the crease and outer corner, its perfect dry, just need to build it up a little. If you ever want it for the lid, I think wet would be best (that’s what he said).



The Luxie small contouring brush is so soft and pretty in pink. I used it today as a blush brush, because I don’t contour, and it picks up so much product for such a small brush. A small brush compared to regular contour brushes or blush brushes but it works perfectly for me. Also very easy to clean and doesn’t break apart after one wash, meaning no lose hairs everywhere.

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris travel perfume is a lovely light scent. Nothing heavy and it’s so small to just throw into my purse without worry of it breaking. It smells lightly fruity and flowery but also a bit of musk. Again super light so it’s not giving you a headache throughout the day. Personally I love when subscription boxes sends sample size perfumes because it gives me the opportunity to try new perfumes without buying a new full size one. I would probably buy Style de Paris full sized.

At first I was upset about the Chella eyebrow pencil because I received taupe and I have the blackest of black hair. Also, I don’t usually fill in my brows because they are pretty thick by themselves. But I decided to give it a try because I mean, I’ve seen enough hours of tutorials. The pencil glides on simply and I love that its light but you can build it up a bit because I was petrified of being heavy handed. Even though I wouldn’t choose taupe as my color, it did darken some light areas on my eyebrows. I might get addicted to doing my eyebrows after a bit more practice.

Clark’s Botanical’s anti-puff eye cream definitely worked on me. I used it once after a spent almost all night tossing and turning only getting three hours of sleep. I woke up with such puffy eyes I thought it would be a great idea to use this and get my first impression. The puff decreased and I was able to create my “more awake” make-up look and not look like I belonged in an insane asylum. I don’t expect much from eye-cream because I use it for moisturizing my under eye. Great solution for no sleep mommies like me who have kids who restlessly sleep at time, tossing and turning. I’m exhausted just talking about it.

Over all, if I HAVE to choose my favorite bag (well, Stephany, that’s the point of this post) I will have to go with my BoxyCharm. I loved my eyeliner and Nyx lip cream BUT the makeup Geek eye shadows are a perfect contribution to my make-up collection and the travel perfume is something I’ve been looking for.  The eyebrow pencil is shockingly one of my favorite things out of the box to play with and the eye cream will save my life on many occasions. My ipsy bag was super cute but I was annoyed with another boring eye cream that did nothing for me and a nail buffer. I think the nail buffer pissed me off mainly because I’ll never use them. So for this month, BoxyCharm wins.

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